​​​According to Homer, the most popular wine in his time was the aromatic and heavy wine from Maroneia, which is a city in Thrace.  According to his stories, Odysseus used this wine to put to sleep the Cyclops before he spear the eye of Polyphemus.  “By spear my Ismaric (Thracian city) wine is won, which I drink, leaning upon my spear” 

Bulgaria is believed to be the cradle of the Thracian civilization. To date, more than 80 Thracian tomb, temples, and treasures have been excavated on the territory of Bulgaria.

Many of these treasures were used in wine ceremonies or winemaking. Thracians were famous and skillful masters of the wine and winemaking, and are believed to have had a unique set for wine rituals.  

The Thracian winemaking traditions became part of the Greek and Roman cultures when the Thracians were expelled or absorbed by Greek, Persian, and Roman colonies.

Grape growing and wine production have a long history in Bulgaria. The combination of Mediterranean and continental climate with favorable land conditions, have resulted in a flourishing viticulture, yielding light-bodied, deep-flavored grapes of superb quality.

Winemaking Tradition